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Our Infographic

Our Infographic

If you want to learn new things about garage doors, check out our handy little infographic on this page

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Garage Door Maintenance And Adjustment

Garage Door Maintenance And Adjustment

Our garage doors repairing company in city offers a regularly scheduled maintenance lubrication service that is essential.

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Garage Door Opener

Garage Door Opener

We are masters in door openers and offer excellent garage door opener maintenance and replacement, immediate repairs and sensors services

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If you have questions about garage doors and their parts, take a look at the following answers. We try to exhaust answers in a few lines by keeping them simple. We answer the most frequently asked questions so everyone can find what they are looking for and get ready to handle issues.

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All questions have answers and solutions! Find the best ones here for all garage door mechanisms.

How to ensure that my garage door works quietly?

Garage door repair Wilsonville experts recommend an inspection and tune-up at least once in a year. If you have a chain drive type opener, lubricate the chain occasionally. Metal rollers tend to make a lot of noise, so replace them if required.

Can we use an old track for a new door?

No. Every garage door is designed to work with a specific track. Also, replacing tracks ensures that the garage door system functions smoothly and is secure. This way the door warranty also applies to the track in case of a problem.

How do I realign bolts and tracks?

First of all identify the source of the problem. Lift the main frame carefully and set it out according to the owner’s manual that you should always have with you. Replace the bolts if necessary. If not, ensure that they are equidistant to one another and in perfect alignment using a spirit level.

Do I need a garage door lock?

If you have an electric garage door, a lock may not be necessary. Electric garage door openers can actually function like a lock if it is properly installed. If an older version of an opener is installed, you have to check first if the door can be lifted from the outside. If there is no opener installed, installation of a lock is highly recommended.

How important is the speed of a garage door opener?

All openers have a low closing speed which cannot go beyond a set threshold for safety. However, the opening speed varies considerably from one model to another. There are models with an opening speed which is as high as 12 and even 14 inches per second. The higher speed results in shorter opening times and greater convenience.

What do I look for in an opener?

Garage Door Repair Wilsonville considers the safety features as the most vital parts of electric openers. Though, all modern electric operators integrate sensors and customers just need to receive more information about the safety system. On top of that, check the right motors are purchased. Their horsepower must be sufficient for the door's weight. Get belt drive openers if you desire silent operation.

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